Singing is good for your health.  Singing for yourself is good for you.

And yet, a much higher percentage of people tell Anne that they cannot sing, probably about 20% – 30%  – so what’s going on, what happened.

There are many and varied reasons and here are some of them

You were asked to sing a song you didn’t know

You were nervous because it was in front of a whole class

You were asked to sing a song that was not within your range and therefore you were given the label “non-singer”.

You believed that people in authority must be right?  Many times these “people” were neither musicians nor singing teachers – they were following a narrow range of notes which could have been too high or too low for you.


Learning in the Everyone Can Sing process is gentle and progress is at the pace of the client.

When Anne says she is a singer many people say things to her as in:

“Oh, I wish I could sing,”I am tone deaf, ”

“I was told I could not sing”

Anne believed that in many cases this was just not true.

From her research she discovered that only about 3% of the world is tone deaf.